About the Leather

Whole-grain Leather

Our bags are crafted from high quality whole-grain leather.

Whole-grain leather is created from a blemish-free hide that has not been sanded or buffed. This preserves the entire thickness of the hide to make it the most durable leather for long-term use.

Most designer handbags are created with top-grain leather. This type of leather has the very top layer sanded or shaved away to create a pristine surface. Fillers or stiffeners are laminated onto the leather to create the thickness needed for the structure of the bag. This process makes the leather thinner and less durable than whole-grain leather.

A Variety of Hides

We have over 150 hides to choose from when designing a bag! Bison and cowhide are our most popular leathers to use in the bags often paired with other hides. We have over 40 embossed hides and other exotics including snake, shark, fish, elephant, zebra, kudu, and springbok, just to name a few. We have leathers of all colors and finishes to fit the unique style of each bag.

Bison & Cowhide

Embossed Cowhide

To create embossed leather, the cowhide is stamped with a pattern using heat and high pressure. The leather then goes through a dye process to add color. We have over 40 different patterns to choose from when designing a bag with just a small selection depicted below.

South African Hides

All exotic hides used in these bags originate from KZN Wildlife areas in South Africa, which is the government-run conservation organization that oversees the game reserves. These hides are only available due to natural death or culling for population control.

Other Exotic Hides

We use a variety of other exotics in our bags as well. From fox fur and badger, to lizard and frog, we have a vast selection to choose from. Alligator and Pirarucu are our most popular choices. Our wild-caught alligator hides are sourced directly from Florida. Pirarucu is a South American fish, and our hides come from Bolivia where they are considered an invasive species.