About the Process


Our bags are crafted from whole-grain leather.

Whole-grain leather is created from a blemish-free hide that has not been sanded or buffed. This preserves the entire thickness of the hide to make it the most durable leather for long-term use.

We use a variety of hides in these bags including cowhide, pigskin, deerskin, bison, snake, shark, elephant, zebra, and fish to name a few.


Each bag is entirely handcrafted.

Using Cathy's signature patterns, each hole is punched with a mallet and stitching irons. The pieces are cut out then handstitched together.


Our bags are customizable. We can add pockets, straps, or closures to the bag for an additional cost.

If you would like a bag in a certain color or style, we can bring your vision to life!