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Cathy Wiggins

"Once I began my journey into leatherworking, I knew my childhood love of animals would somehow be expressed. By giving myself the time and freedom to explore creating with leather, I rediscovered my love for life and my passion for expressing my inner spirit."

After spending 15+ years in the quilting industry pioneering the art of quilting on leather, Cathy Wiggins shifted her focus to mastering multiple leatherworking techniques in 2018. Cathy is a self-taught leather artist, using a variety of leatherworking techniques in each of her pieces to create the unique style she is known for today. Cathy has written a book on her leather quilting, Quilted Leather, and a book on her molding technique, Leather Art. Her leather artwork can be foun in museums and private collections nationwide.

When not designing bags, Cathy creates leather artwork with her signature molding technique. She has pioneered the art of forming rawhide and cowhide to create vessels, wall art, lamps, and more. Using molding techniques, dyes, and paints, she likes to manipulate leather to look like metal, ceramics, or rice paper.

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