Thread Tooling

Thread Tooling is the technique developed by Cathy where thread, quilting, and dyes are used to create the illusion of traditional tooled leather with a modern twist. This is Cathy’s most sought after technique.

This is a 6 part online class covering the fundamentals of thread tooling designs, replacing design elements to create custom themes, and selecting the best leather for quilting and dying. Students create 3 ‘thread tooling’ panels using different leathers and dyes.

  • Part 1 - Supplies and Leather Selection
  • Part 2 - Tooling Designs for Quilting
  • Part 3 - Transferring Designs to Leather
  • Part 4 - Quilting
  • Part 5 - Applying Dyes
  • Part 6 - Project Ideas

Class is hosted in a private FaceBook group and content will remain available to students for three months after start date. Start date scheduled for sometime in August.

Cost of the class is $650 (kit included) or $450 (supply list, pdf pattern, videos and instructions only). Kit includes leathers, dyes, brushes, tooling pattern, and more. Class is open to US and international students. However, kits are not shipped internationally.

Register before 7/31 and get a $150 discount!

Class Fee + Class Kit
$650 $500


Class Fee Only $450 $300

Class Kit

Class kit - includes: leathers, dyes, brushes, tooling pattern, and more.


Class Fee Only

Class Fee Only - For International Students or Students providing their own class supplies.