In this four-part class, students create a leather wholecloth, using quilting and leather dyes. Topics include: leather selection, quilting stabilization, using dyes for shading, optional bindings and much more.

Finished project: 22x28

Two dates offered

1st Class Begins: 2/7/18
(Enrollment Closes Jan.19th)
2nd Class Begins: 5/9/18
(Enrollments being accepted now)

In addition to class kit, student supplies backing, batting, scissors, Sharpie.


Class Fee

Class Date

Class Fee + Class Kit

Class Date

Additional Leather

Class fee

Class kit - includes: paper pattern, leather, Saral paper, tracing paper, glue, dauber, stylus, leather pen, dye, paint brush.


1/4 GWL Quilting Leather - Beige Extra leather for those students wishing to create additional projects.