This is your opportunity to be a part of history!

Gypsy Wood Leathers is sponsoring the FIRST EVER quilted leather challenge, It’s Better in Leather, to be exhibited at both the 2019 MQX Quilt Festival New England (April) and Midwest (September).

Three prizes will be awarded:

  1. Entries must be machine quilted with any sewing machine. Hand stitching can be used in conjunction with machine quilting, however the piece must be predominantly machine quilted.
  2. All entries must be constructed using GWL leathers. Several kit options are available.
  3. Entries must be a wholecloth design. Like traditional wholecloths, the leather can be pieced to create larger size if needed.
  4. Entries may be embellished using dyes, paints, hand stitching, beads, crystals, etc. However, the machine quilting must be the focal point.
  5. Minimum size is 60 perimeter inches. There is no maximum size.
Kit Options:

GWL is letting you build a kit for your leather wholecloth. You have a choice of two different hides, cowhide or deerhide.

GWL Quilting Leather:

This leather is perfect for traditional wholecloth designs. With these cowhides, you get a choice of color and size. Keep in mind that cows are different shapes and sizes, so the cuts are approximates.
There are seven colors to choose from: Beige, Fuchsia, Luggage, Black, Lime, Red, and Turquoise.

Leather Colors


Deerskins work best for designs with a more rustic feel. These hides are purchased in whole hides for $75 each.

Deerskins are roughly 8 to 12 square feet in a triangular shape, measuring up to 36” across at the top and up to 40” from top to bottom. There are three colors to choose from: Cream, Turquoise, and Saddle.

Starter Supply Kit

Add an optional Supply Kit for $25. This kit contains all of the basic supplies needed for working with leather including 1 yard each of Saral paper and transfer paper, leather marking pen, stylus, leather glue, and wool dauber.

Both GWL quilting leather and deerskins are perfect for quilting on any machine. It is recommended to use a leather needle when quilting, which is available on the GWL website. Cathy Wiggins’ book, Quilted Leather, contains the techniques and tips she uses to create her leather pieces.

This challenge is your chance to show off your machine quilting skills in a whole new way!

Leather Sample2